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Welcome to The MSL App

So you've got through your exams and have made it to Demo University - congratulations!
We hope you are looking forward to joining our community, we're very excited for you to come along. We offer amazing opportunities for you to reach your potential, engage in a lively student community and socialise and make friends.

Thu 26 Aug 2021

Curl up and Dye

Come to our campus hair dressers for a trim or something a bit more fancy!

Thu 08 Aug 2019

Baguette Me Not

Fresh, tasty, great value baguettes on central campus.

Thu 08 Aug 2019

Bean Me Up

We pride ourselves in serving fantastic coffee. We love tea, cake and sandwiches too!

Thu 08 Aug 2019

More Gender neutral toilets

For our LGBT+ students, I will be lobbying our University to exercise their value of being inclusive by creating more gender neutral toilets.

Thu 18 Oct 2018
In Progress

Transparency in tuition fees

The question that has been always asked by our students, "Where our tuition fees go?", needs an answer. This what I will be lobbying the University for.

Thu 18 Oct 2018
Early Stages

Reduce campus catering costs

Thu 18 Oct 2018

Is it Art?

What is art? Who is an artist? Read our guest artist's perspective on overcoming barriers in creativity.

Tue 24 Apr 2018